S. S. Utensils

We offer wide range of S.S. Utensils in having features as mentioned below :-
  • Best economical utensils with specifications.
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel export quality.
  • Rust and odor resistance along with smooth, attractive and best finishing.
  • Best hygienic utensils suitable for food consumption.
  • Long lasting for years as it is without any harm.
  • All the above specifications is checked and tested by the best skilled and trained persons.


Super Max





Gemini pot

A-star 4 PCS Set

4PCS Cola Set

4 PCS Pathan Set

4 PCS Mitra Belly Set

4 PCS Malabar Set

6PCS Stock Pot

6PCS Shallow Stock Pot

5PCS Stock Pot

5PCS Shallow Stock Pot

4PCS Shallow Stock Pot

4 PCS Stock Pot

15PCS Cooking Pot

Finger Bowl