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TurnKey solutions


About Company

SIL offers total turnkey solution. We only apply industry best framework and analyse the most productive solutions to your business to eliminate technology silos. We design solutions which integrate all mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructures to best meet your data centre density, redundancy and efficiency requirements. We have diverse resiliency options compatible to your data centre stability and overall costs.

Because every customer’s needs are different, we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to your business. From a foam systems perspective, we can provide a standard product or customize one of our proven formulations for your specific application. Just tell us your needs and objectives and we will develop the solution. We welcome any problem, any challenge, at any time. In fact, we thrive on doing what hasn’t been done before, and on succeeding where others have failed.


Together with you, we will assess the site and collect data to understand the functional requirements of your business. This is paramount in determining the power and cooling requirements of the new data centre, forming the foundation of the design.




With the information collected, our project team will customise the best-practised, productive solution and propose the right equipment, capacity and design layout.

We provide innovative solutions for the industry for sustainable progress

A world class engineering service provider backed up by highly experience team of engineers.

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